Thursday, July 24, 2014

7 Things Every Successful Freelancer do

Freelancing has emerged as a fast growing industry and has been credited with providing jobs to millions of people around the globe. Almost everyone has thought of becoming a freelancer once in life but not every freelancer is successful but there are many freelancers that are extremely successful and earning thousands of dollars per month. In this article we have enlisted 7 things which every successful freelancer do. If you want to become a successful freelancer, you should definitely pay heed to the points enlisted below. So, here we go.
  1. Build an Impressive Portfolio

Whenever a freelancer applies for a job, client pays special attention to a couple of things on your profile. First thing is your portfolio and the second thing is your feedback. In order to improve your chances of getting hired for a project, you got to have a strong portfolio. This is one area which is often overlooked by freelancers and they don’t spend much time on improving their portfolio but this is extremely important. You should try to put your best on your portfolio. Try to mention all your projects, your expertise and your achievements on your portfolio with links to the actual resources. Try to substantiate your portfolio with samples and images of your achievements also if you have got any recommendations from some prominent personality or organization mention that with a proof which a scanned certificate.
  1. Continuous and Quick Interaction

A good freelancer continuously interacts with the client and quickly responds to the queries of the client. Clients don’t like a freelancer who replies late or don’t respond to the queries. Clients like to be updated periodically regarding the project. Therefore, as a good freelancer you should update your client on daily basis if the project is small or at least once a week in case of big projects. Also, take pain to respond to client queries as soon as possible, a happy client means, good feedback that is very important and discussed in the later section.
  1. Be honest in case you face problems.

A good freelancer is always honest. In case if a freelancer faces any issues or if he is not able to complete the task he should not hesitate to clearly inform the client about the issues.  Some freelancers don’t discuss issues with the client with the hope of finding some solution. This is good for short term time, but in the long run this approach can be disastrous, therefore if you are struggling with some task you should unequivocally inform the client and should always be honest to him. Clients prefer freelancers who are honest even if they are not able to complete the task.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask questions

A successful freelancer asks lots of questions just like a brilliant student. More questions you ask, lesser will be the ambiguities in your mind regarding the tasks and client will be able to explain the task in a better manner if you ask question. Clear understanding of the project entails rigorous questioning but results in tasks completed with highest standards of quality.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.10.105 updating

What's new ByteScout PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.10.105:

  • text output issues fixed;
  • JPG images supporting improved: now PDF files with JPG images are much smaller;
  • minor bug-fixes.
More detail info about PDF Generator SDK for JS

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PNG Image Format

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. PNG is a type of image format like other image formats such as JPEG, GIF and TIFF. PNG is commonly pronounced as P-N-G where as some people also call it “ping”. PNG is used for lossless image compression and is a raster graphics file format. PNG supports all the true colors and is widely used for image transferring on World Wide Web. PNG is not suitable for printing purposes as it do no support CMYK color scheme. PNG images have a file extension PNG, or png.

History & Purpose

In the year 1995, Unisys Corporation enforced a patent on the Lempel Ziv Welch algorithm which resulted on the patent on GIF file format on the companies which uses these images for profit generation. Another drawback of GIF file format was that it could only display 256 colours while at that time graphic hardware used in computers could support much larger colour resolution. Keeping in view these drawbacks of GIF images, work on PNG started. In 1995 at a discussion on the image formats, Oliver Fromme who is the developer of famous DOS JPEG viewer QPEG, suggested the name for this new image format as PING.
Till now there have been 5 versions of PNG in total. They have been explained in the following table
Release Date
Important Updates
October 1st, 1996
W3C recommended this version on the same date
December 31, 1998
Introduction of three new chunks
August 11, 1999
One Extra Chunk was added
ISO/IEC 15948:2003
November 10, 2003
PNG Became an International Standard/No chunk added.
ISO/IEC 15948:2004
March 3, 2004
Standard version for 2004

Advantages of PNG Format

  • Uses lossless image compression technique, hence no information is lost and image is retrieved keeping the same quality.
  • Supports all the true colors unlike the contemporary GIF format which only supports 256 colors.
  • Alpha channel support in PNG images allow transparency of the file format which is not possible with other file formats.


  • PNG image is usually larger in size as compared to the traditional GIFF because it is a lossless image format. However if PNG is saved with 256 color scheme, its size is lesser as compared to GIF.
  • PNG format doesn’t support animations and similar graphics and for this purpose, a variation of PNG format, MNG (Multiple Network Graphics) and APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics) are used.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Top Free Android Apps for Kids (Part 2)

4. Magic Belles: Magic Music

This is an exciting music app for children of age 2-5 years. This application is categorized into six mini games, where each game is moderated by a fairy which plays certain music. This is an entertainment app for children with no educational angle however it can be a very interesting activity for your child. This is another free app for children

5. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

This is one of the most famous games for children as well as elders. It is available on both iOS and android and it is said that within the first three months, this game had over 100m downloads on android and iOS platforms collectively. This is a temple rush style arcade game where a minion is fighting with enemies and defeats them. This is another exciting free app and can be downloaded at the link.

6. Temple Run 2

This is another gaming application for android and is a sequel of famous temple run with some added functionality. This game offers entertainment for children of all ages as well as elders. This is also absolutely free. The download link for the game is here.

7. Carnival of  Animals

The last app in the list of our top free android apps for children is another exciting educational app. Carnival of animals is a musical app which teaches students, several concepts of music such as timbre, rhythm, pitch and volume. This app is free too.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Top Free Android Apps for Kids

With the advent of handheld devices and mobile platforms, more and more people are shifting towards smartphones and tablets. Software development companies have also realized that, mobile applications are the future. Therefore several companies and individuals are designing apps to generate profit and attract public towards their app. Android, being the open source application development mobile platform is the most famous among the developers. Several applications have been developed for elders as well as for children. In this article we have compiled information about some of the best android apps that can educate and entertain children at the same time. Here we go.

  1. Numbers & Addition! Math games

This game allows children to learn basic mathematics in terms of a fun game. This is an adventure (arcade) game containing animals, mountains and trees which inadvertently teach children, basic mathematical operation such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This game is aimed towards the children of age 3-6. The best thing about this game is that this is absolutely free. Google Play link is here.
  1. Gummies Playground

This is another excellent educational app for children. This application teaches children Basic English alphabets, numeric digits, shape and animals name. The application consists of a user interface containing animals, shapes, and numbers along with their spellings. Children learn these concepts in the form of a game which is more fun as compared to reading dry books. This application is designed for the children of age between 2-5. Gummies Playground is also absolutely free.
  1. Transformers Prime Story Cube

This app is based on the transformer prime TV show which is further based on a book by Egmont Publishers. This is basically a story telling app which tells the adventures of transformers robots. This application is also free.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Top 7 Image Editing Apps for Android (Part 2)

read the first part here

5. Photo Grid – Collage Maker

Photo Grid is another exciting app which allows you to make collages. Photo Grid consists of a set of four different collage editors which can be used accordingly. These collage editors are Grid HD, Single HD, H & W HD and the Sketch Guru. These editors allow you to take nine images at a time and then make a collage of those images. This is another app you must have if you are into collage making.

6. PicsArt

PicsArt is one of the most widely used picture editing apps for android. PicsArt contains lots of exciting image editing capabilities and with this tool, you can perform almost any image editing task. PicsArt is not only an image editing tool; it also allows you to make collages. This tool is absolutely free.

7. Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary Photo Editor app for android has been developed by Aviary Inc and it has all what it takes to edit, enhance and modify any image. Aviary Photo Editor allows user to simultaneously perform variety of image editing tasks including brightness, contrast and saturation. You can also append frames, make memes for social networking sites and draw variety of graphics with this app.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Top 7 Image Editing Apps for Android

We have compiled a list of top 7 image editing softwares for android. These apps can be used to perform any image enhancing and editing task on your android device. Most of the tools discussed here are absolutely free. Our list of free must-have android applications is here.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a mobile version of the famous Adobe Photoshop. This application can be used to perform all sorts of image editing tasks, such as image correction, image enhancement, color correction saturation etc. You can not only apply variety of affects to your image but it also allows you to share you photos directly on several social media platforms.
2. Pixlr Express

Pixlr is another amazing android application for editing images. It provides you with all the necessary tools which can be used to apply virtually any affect to your image. Pixlr Express has been developed by Autodesk Inc and contains more than 600 different image editing features. 
3. SnapSeed
SnapSeed is image editor software designed for android application. SnapSeed, like other image editing application comes with myriad of image editing tools including autocorrect, auto image enhancement, edge detection and smoothing, coloring and saturation affects along with several image cropping capability. SnapSeed is a single tap application and most of the functionalities can be performed with a single tap of thumb.

4. QuicPic

QuicPic is another amazing picture editing software. A cool feature of QuicPic is that it allows you to hide those pictures and videos from your device which you don’t want anyone to see. Apart from this cool feature, QuicPic allows you to perform variety of image editing and enhancement tasks on your images. This is a must have application for your devices.