Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Updated Software: ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 6.11.2149

ByteScout updated a developer library ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 6.11.2149 August 6, 2015

What's new ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 6.11.2149:

  • Batch Processing samples updated to show the use of Reset() method
  • C++ source code sample added for Pages Extraction
  • DocumentMerger adds Merge2(inputfile1, inputfile2, outputfile) method to merge 2 files
  • XLS Extractor minor bug-fixes
  • PDF Multitool now allows to enable/disable text, image, vector layers, adds advanced settings for text extraction
  • XML, CSV, Table extraction improves support for tables with emtpry cells inside columns
  • .ExtractShadowLikeText property improved: better filtering for shadow-like text

Download evaluation version here

Monday, August 31, 2015

Updated Software: ByteScout PDF Multitool 6.11.2193

ByteScout PDF Multitool: automated table detection
ByteScout updated PDF Multitool Utility 6.11.21931 on August 6, 2015. 
ByteScout PDF Multitool is a free utility extracting data from PDF, converting PDF to CSV, PDF to XML, PDF to XLS or XLSX, PDF to TIFF images, extracting file attachments and other options!
What's new
ByteScout PDF Multitool 6.11.2193 freeware (August 6, 2015):

  • pdf support improved
  • advanced options added to CSV, XML extractors
  • text search improved
  • table extraction support improved
  • minor bug-fixes
  • support for PDF attachments improved

  • More info about PDF Multitool 6.11.2193 freeware
    Download evaluation version here

    Thursday, August 20, 2015

    Platforms as Services (Paas) to Run Online Web Apps

    App developers can choose from numerous options when it comes to PaaS (Platforms as Services) providers. However, there are many PaaS providers which seem to offer similar features and functionalities making it rather difficult to find right PaaS. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the best PaaS providers to help you find the best one.

    • Amazon Web Services
    If you are developing or scaling applications on Java, PHP, Python, Ruby or Node.js etc., then Amazon Web Services, commonly referred to as Elastic Beanstalk, is the best PaaS provider for you. Amazon constantly adds new tools to Elastic Beanstalk, practically ensuring that you always use the latest tools. Another good thing about AMS is that it also allows you to develop new apps.
    • Microsoft – Azure
    Microsoft Azure makes things extremely easy for developers as it supports all frameworks, tools, languages and operating systems. In this regard, Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, .NET and Node.js are some of the options and languages available with Azure.  Similarly, it also allows developers to use Visual Studio to develop and scale applications.
    • IBM – Bluemix
    Based on Cloud Foundry, Bluemix is an open source PaaS by IBM providing greater security and control to users. Developers can increase the functionality of the apps by choosing from various community services as well as third parties. Most importantly, you can migrate any existing infrastructure to Bluemix as well.
    • Heroku
    Heroku is another great Platform as Service Provider. This very PaaS runs virtually every programing language at any scale. Similarly, Heroku is one of its kind marketplace for services, tools and components which will transform your apps from pretty decent to extraordinary. Another great thing about Heroku is that you can flawlessly integrate it with other PaaS providers such as Salesforce.

    Tuesday, August 18, 2015

    Top Web Development Frameworks

    You can improve the efficiency and performance of your website development, web servers and web applications by using a web development framework. There is a huge number of platforms offering some really great features such as database libraries and templates.
    Following are some of the best frameworks to consider if you are a web developer.
    • ASP. net MVC:
    ASP.net MVC is one of most popular web development frameworks without any doubt. This particular framework comes with smooth separation of concerns (SoA) and you can fully control the rendered HTML. It is very easy to integrate this framework with JavaScript frameworks. One of the best things about this framework is that it enables RAD development, making developing real fun.
    • Bootstrap:
    Bootstrap is another extremely popular web development framework nowadays. It is a great framework to create elegant and consistent websites. It incorporates JavaScript plugins, a grid system is styled elegantly. There are plenty of resources and tools that you can use to enhance Bootstrap’s performance despite the fact it can handle any type of development task.
    • PHP Symfony:
    PHP Symfony is an open source web development framework. Sansio Labs, an interactive web development company originally conceived the framework to develop websites for its clients. It has become a leading platform for PHP development within a short span of time. Symfony is a really fast framework with emphasize on performance. It is fully expandable, sustainable, stable and dependable also.
    • Angular JavaScript:
    Angular JavaScript offers some fascinating features to developers. For instance, you don’t have to write lengthy codes again and again thanks to data binding feature. Similarly, Angular is also brilliant in handling dependencies in addition with helping developers to create flawless and smooth websites. Most importantly, Angular is a great framework for XMAL developers.

    Tuesday, August 11, 2015

    Updated Software: ByteScout PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.15.148

    Some time ago we published an article about PDF generation in JavaScript and ByteScout updated PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.15.148 00.2114
    • generate pdf from javascript
    • JPEG compression for all images including canvas based images
    • new properties: ForceJPEGForImages (true), JPEGQuality (0.95) to control the usage of JPEG compression
    • minor fixes

    Download evaluation version here.

    Thursday, August 06, 2015

    Updated Software: ByteScout Watermarking SDK 3.10.222

    ByteScout Watermarking SDK
    Have you ever heard the song of .NET Bear? It was funny.

    ByteScout updated Watermarking SDK (just after .NET Bear had woken up). 

    What's new ByteScout Watermarking SDK 3.10.222 (July 27, 2015):

  • image watermarking for .net improved
  • asp.net support improved
  • added DoNotKeepAspectRatio option
  • reported issues and bugs were fixed

  • Download evaluation version here

    Tuesday, August 04, 2015

    Technical Support Question: ByteScout PDF generator program: creation in JavaScript?

    There was a question at our forum some time ago:

    It's a great program, but was wondering how would I go about creating a PDF with JavaScript?

    The ByteScout PDF Generator SDK is for client side javascript so it generates PDF files in the browser (no server side components required) and works in almost all modern browsers including iOS and Android.

    Here is the client side javascript that used to generate this:

    function CreatePDF(IsInternetExplorer8OrLower) {
    // create BytescoutPDF object instance
    var pdf = new BytescoutPDF();
    // set document properties: Title, subject, keywords, author name and creator name
    pdf.propertiesSet('Sample Invoice', 'Invoice #1234', 'invoice, company, customer', 'Document Author', 'Document Creator');
    // set page size
    // set portrait page orientation
    // add new page
    // we can use images only if we are on IE9 or higher (or non-IE browser)
     if (!IsInternetExplorer8OrLower)
        // add logo
        pdf.imagePlace(20, 20);
    // set font name
    // add requisites
    pdf.fontSetStyle(true, false, false);
    pdf.textAdd(450, 55, 'INVOICE');
    pdf.textAdd(200, 20, '(keine Rückerstattung)');
    pdf.textAdd(50, 90, 'COMPANY NAME', 0);
    pdf.fontSetStyle(false, false, false);
    pdf.textAdd(50, 120, 'Address', 0);
    pdf.textAdd(50, 140, 'Phone, fax', 0);
    pdf.textAdd(50, 160, 'E-mail', 0);
    pdf.textAdd(400, 120, 'DATE', 0);
    pdf.textAdd(400, 140, 'INVOICE #', 0);
    pdf.textAdd(400, 160, 'FOR', 0);
    pdf.textSetBoxPadding(3, 2, 2, 3);
    // draw table header
    pdf.graphicsDrawRectangle(50, 200, 520, 220);
    pdf.graphicsDrawLine(50, 220, 570, 220);
    // add 'Description' column
    pdf.textSetBox(50, 200, 220, 20);
    pdf.graphicsDrawLine(270, 200, 270, 420);
    // add 'Quantity' column
    pdf.textSetBox(270, 200, 80, 20);
    pdf.graphicsDrawLine(350, 200, 350, 420);
    // add 'Price' column
    pdf.textSetBox(350, 200, 100, 20);
    pdf.graphicsDrawLine(450, 200, 450, 420);
    // add 'Amount' column
    pdf.textSetBox(450, 200, 120, 20);
    // fill table content
    for (var row=0; row < 10; row++) {
        pdf.textSetBox(50, 220 + row * 20, 220, 20);
        pdf.textAddToBox('ITEM ' + row);
        pdf.graphicsDrawLine(50, 240 + row * 20, 570, 240 + row * 20);
    // add signature
    pdf.textAdd(390, 470, 'Signature', 0);
    pdf.graphicsDrawLine(450, 470, 570, 470);
    // return BytescoutPDF object instance
    return pdf;