Thursday, December 18, 2014

Show & Tell : Landing that job!

1. Makeover a website of a local company

Everyone is on the internet and wired in at this point. Yes, even grandma. The company you’re most likely trying to land a job with most likely has a website, and if their local, most likely don’t have it updated too often. If you can come into the interview and show them that you took their frumpy cluttered website and turned into a sleek information station, you’ll gain their attention. 

2. Make an app

There are over 1,250,000 apps available in google play store alone. Major retail companies have joined the market with their own apps to help customers find products and sales their looking for. Even small time businesses look at apps like a light in the dark. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, even a simple to do list will show you’re able to put it together. 

3. Duplicate a website

This project will really test your knowledge and skills. Simply find an attractive website (within your skill range so you don’t get discouraged), and attempt to recreate, or clone the website as close as possible to the original. Include a snapshot of the original website as well as your own creation side by side, as well as the codes. Be sure to make a point to explain how the codes differ from one another versus how they’re similar.

In our previous article we touched briefly on the importance of having a portfolio to show to potential clients and employers, in this one we’ll go into more depth and give you some ideas to include in your portfolio that will turn those potentials into sales. At the end of the article we’ve included a list of tutorials to help get you started.

photo credit: TheeErin via photopin cc

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New: ByteScout Screen Capturing SDK 2.30.860

ByteScout released Screen Capturing SDK 2.30.860 on November 25, 2014.

What's new ByteScout Screen Capturing SDK 2.30.860:

  • improved screen recording functionality;
  • new QT source code sample ;
  • new Registration Free Deployment sample (how to use the SDK without the installation);
  • new function to capture screenshots during recording into PNG or BMP image files:;
  • see new properties .ScreenshotSavingType, .ScreenshotOutputFolder, .ScreenshotImageFormat and TakeScreenshot() method;
  • minor fixes.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

New: ByteScout released PDF Extractor SDK 5.10.1747 and PDF To HTML SDK 5.10.1750

ByteScout's November PDF libraries updates for developer are
PDF Extractor SDK 5.10.1747 and PDF To HTML SDK 5.10.1750.

What's new ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 5.10.1747:

  • PDF to XML, PDF to CSV, PDF to Text functions improved;
  • now supports text extraction from text controls;
  • XML extractor now adds font style, size, name, text coordinates into <text> tags;
  • ASP.NET sample for OCR usage added;
  • new property OCRLanguageDataFolder to specify the location of "tessdata" folder;
  • improved support of PDF files;
  • improves support for rotated text;
  • updated source code samples;
  • updated documentation;
  • minor improvements and fixes.

What's new ByteScout PDF To HTML SDK 5.10.1750:

  • improved pdf to html conversion from ASP.NET and .NET;
  • issue with overlapping content when converting multiple pages from PDF fixed;
  • XHTML output minor fixes;
  • supporting for text opacity added;
  • now outputs unknown characters (0 to 32) as "?";
  • improving support of pdf images conversion into html;
  • fixing minor issues with output images filenames;
  • minor improvements and fixes.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Most Famous Women Leaders In Technology. Part 2

Judy Estrin, the CEO of JLABS, LLC, is known as a strong woman role model in the technology field, and with 8 successful entrepreneur projects, it's clear to see why. She holds a B.S. degree in math and computer science from UCLA, as well as an M.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford University. In college, Estrin worked with the research group at Stanford headed by the man dubbed "Father of the Internet", Vint Cerf. The group developed the TCP/IP specification that forms the underlying technology which makes up the Internet we know today. Estrin was known after that as Packet Design Management Company, LLC, a company she started that helps network managers improve network availability as well as performance, while working towards reducing operating costs. She is also the creator of Closing the Innovation Gap that was published and distributed in September, 2008. Before she helped establish Packet Design, Estrin held the title of chief technology officer for Cisco Systems in May 2000. Estrin helped to establish three other fruitful innovation organizations starting in 1981. They were:  Bridge Communications, Network Computing Devices, and Precept Software,  a developer and marketer of network multimedia software. Cisco Systems procured Precept in 1998 for 85 million dollars, which led to Estrin becoming Cisco's chief technology officer until April 2000.

Three times now Fortune Magazine's list of the 50 most powerful women has Estrin been named. She sits on the boards of directors of both the FedEx Corporation,  The Walt Disney Company. She also sits on the advisory councils of Stanford's School of Engineering and Stanford's Bio-X initiative.

These are just three of the large amount of notable women in the technology field today, and unlike past times, the numbers are continuing to grow. It is no longer looked upon as a mans world, and females can finally get the chances and opportunities to succeed that they deserve. Times really are changing, for the better.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Most Famous Women Leaders In Technology

Remember when computers and technology were regarded as a man’s field of interest, where females had no business? This has changed over time, most drastically in the 2000’s. Now there are countless executive women in technology related job positions all over the globe. However, this article is going to focus on three in particular.

  1. Tracy Chou is currently the senior engineer at Pinterest. She started as an intern for both Google and Facebook. Facebook eventually offered her a job position, which she turned down for an opportunity to work as Quora's second in command engineer. Beyond her job at Pinterest, Tracy also manages a project called "Where are the numbers?",which demands large technology companies to release accurate hiring statistics in regards to gender, in order to ensure the playing field is fair.  While Tracy doesn’t have a background as involved in technology as the two women below, her path is important due to the fact she is still quite young (26) and already a senior engineer and a very large and successful company.
  2.  Sandy Carter is IBM General Manager and Ecosystem Development. She is in charge of IBM's overall association with autonomous programming merchants (ISVs), which contributes to more or less one-third of IBM's total income. In addition she also handles the relationship with those who make up IBM's industry-heading biological system of influences, the development, academic, and venture capital communities. Their main focus is centered around basic regions of business topics such as cloud, social, and analytic. It is recorded that these areas of business have the potential to bring in a trillion dollars of profit by 2015, which makes it clear that IBM believes that Carter is the right person for the position if they’re comfortable with placing her in a role responsible for that much of their potential revenue. Carter helped establish the WITI (Women in Technology International) Global Executive Network (GEN) program for women executives. Carter is also a member of the American Management Association (AMA),  WITI Executive Advisory Council, the Global Advisory Board of the World Brand Congress, and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Inner Circle.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Why don’t you get a job?

Steps to Starting your Programming Career
How to start programming?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 22.8 percent employment growth for software developers in the next ten years, one of the faster growing when it comes to employment. It's estimated that about 130,000 positions will need filling within that time. So how does one land one of these positions? Keep reading. 

1. Get knowledged

A bachelors degree is a normally required for software development positions, especially with big well-established companies.

What if I don't have time/money to spend on school?

Theres good news! Many smaller companies believe actual experience is as good or even better than getting your club membership. Keep up to date on new programming tools and languages, don't stop learning, and be confident in your abilities.

Once your foot's in the door and you find you enjoy the field of development, think about going to school and getting that degree. Community colleges offer courses on the computer science, with credits that can transfer over to the classes and programs offered at four-year universities.

Regardless of your educational background, it's also important to bring something to the table to prove those skills when you're in the interview chair. 

2. Create and maintain a portfolio

Either physical or digital, it's important to be able to show what you can do with a portfolio. Here we'll define what makes an impression.
  • Current project - It doesn't have to be anything huge, it just shows you're avidly honing your skills.
  • A list of previous projects - Include dates, end goal, and most importantly the challenges you overcame. Why did you include this particular project in your portfolio? What does it mean to you? Even if you just used whatever you could find, be prepared to explain how you overcame a challenge, and describe why you enjoyed that project. 
  • Maintain clarity- think of a system and follow it, separate projects by code, type, etc. No one wants to look at something that seems thrown together. 

Everyone starts somewhere, and it’s important not to get discouraged. If you need some projects or examples for your portfolio, check out this link from our community. You can also find a list of free educational websites here. Got something to add or want us to cover something specific? Drop in to our community, we want to hear from you! Also, be sure to keep your eyes open for our next blog post that will explore projects more in depth.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Discount for ByteScout Software

Thanksgiving celebrating with ByteScout
Discount info was published at the ByteScout forums but our blog's readers could use it also. We appreciate your time and attention to our publications.

The coupon code is valid till 31st December 2014, so don't delay! Here is the link.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with ByteScout! Happy holiday!