Thursday, May 29, 2014

7 Free Android Apps you MUST have

In this article we have tried to come up with some of the most exciting and popular android apps that you must have in your android devices. The coolest thing about these apps is that they are absolutely free of cost.

  1. Flipboard

Flipboard is an android application which continuously searches the internet and fetches the news which is of your interest, dividing them into small stories which you can view at any time. You can view these stories and images just through swipe of your finger and each time it pops with something latest. You can also connect your social network profiles such as Facebook and twitter with this app. 

  1. Shazam

Shazam is one of the most awesome applications especially for the music lovers. Imagine you are sitting in a restaurant and suddenly a song is being played, you like the song but you don’t know about the title and artist. You just have to start this application and it will find out the title, the artist, album and the lyrics of this song. This is truly amazing.
  1. ESPN Score Center

ESPN Score center is the app for sports lover, this application has a very slick and easy to use interface with all the sports categories, easily accessed. There are lots of sports applications available at android but this one is certainly the best application with most authentic news.
  1. Nooly

Nooly is a weather forecast application. Biggest advantage of this application over other weather forecast applications is that this application can predict whether of the next few minutes in your area unlike most of the other applications which forecast about the coming days or the weeks.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tiff vs. PDF File Formats

Several file formats are in use to store documents and images. Every file formats have some pros and cons. Tagged Image file format (TIFF) and Portable Document Format (PDF) are two of the most widely used Image formats. Both of these document formats have few advantages and certain limitations and they are used in different situations. This article deals with the advantages, disadvantages and comparisons of these formats. Let us first discuss the TIFF file format.

Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)

TIFF file format is a type of raster image file formats. On contrary to JPEG image formats, TIFF file formats can't be compressed. These are a type of raster image types. Raster images are those images which are composed of several pixels, like bitmap images which consist of bit. Increasing or increasing the size of these pictures may distort the actual image unlike the vector images which are defined by mathematical formulas, hence resizing those images do not have any impact on image quality but this is not the case with TIFF images. TIFF images can be very easily modified and updated due to flexibility of the format, it is for this reason TIFF Images are mostly used by graphic designers and image editing experts.

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Portable document format is the most widely used document format due to its portability and interoperability. Portable document formats are able to store both raster as well as vector images. PDF is also considered the most secure document format. PDF documents can be compressed using specialized tools and they are often used on internet for document transferring owing to portability. Originally TIFF was used for documents archiving but now PDF has taken its place for that purpose.

PDF vs. TIFF: A comparison

PDF and TIFF have been compared on the basis of several properties as mentioned in the following table.
Easily Modified and Updated
Needs Special Software to modify
Image Type
Contain only Raster Images
Contain both raster and vector Images
Web Browser Readability
Can’t be read in a web browser
HTML supports PDF readability
Less Secure
More sophisticated security technique
Presentation Quality
Less Quality Presentation
High quality presentation
Documents and Link Attachment
Is not able to attach other documents and links
Can attach other document types with it along with hyperlinks and
Print Quality
Not suitable for  printing owing to inability to retain original document content
Can contain text and able to retain original document content in the printed form

Here is the sample how to convert PDF to TIFF


TIFF images can be used in scenarios where documents are not being transferred online and image quality is not a preference or we want to modify the image. However, if we require high
quality and secure file format PDF is the best option.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring updating: ByteScout BarCode Generator SDK 4.00.700, BarCode Generator Freeware 4.00.700 and PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.06.97

Some more updates of developer software from ByteScout in May, 2014:

  1. ByteScout BarCode Generator SDK 4.00.700
  2. BarCode Generator Freeware 4.00.700
  3. PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.06.97

What's new BarCode Generator SDK 4.00.700:

  • now with ASP.NET MVC support! See source code samples added with ready to use MVC helper for barcode generation!
  • QR Code fixes issue with Encoding property. Now works properly with Unicode symbols encoding
  • new .ProduceMonochromeImages property. Set to True to generate 1-bit monochrome images as output
  • new barcode types: GTIN-8, GTIN-12, GTIN-14
  • VS2013 toolbox integration fixed
  • new DisplayBarcodeOnForm source code sample
  • new SetCustomCaptionGap method to set character gap in caption
  • new Microsoft Word VBA sample added (generating barcodes from values from the column from the table)
  • new MS Excel VBA demo added (generating barcodes in a batch from column in excel)
  • new AddCustomImagesToPdfDocument sample to show how to add custom images into pdf
More info about BarCode Generator SDK

What's new BarCode Generator Freeware 4.00.700:

  • Encoding selection is now available (so you may use UTF-8 to encode Unicode symbols into 2D barcodes like QR Code, Aztec and others)
  • GTIN-8, GTIN-13, GTIN-14 barcode types added
  • minor improvements and bug-fixes
More info about BarCode Generator Freeware

What's new PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.06.97:

  • generate pdf from javascript client side with images, font and style settings
  • Courier font support on some Android devices fixed
  • HTML entities support improved (was crashing if you were using HTML entities inside text)
  • minor bug-fixes and improvements
More detail info about PDF Generator SDK for JS

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New: BarCode Reader SDK and BarCode Reader freeware released

What's new BarCode Reader SDK 8.00.1172:

  • read barcodes faster and better in your desktop and web applications;
  • new barcode types supported: GTIN-8, GTIN-12, ITF-14, Code 93, MSI, GTIN-14;
  • improved support for barcode reading from noisy images (lot of images works without need to enable noise removal);
  • IMPORTANT: changes to the API: barcode type selection changed to set of bool properties, for example, now you should set barcode types like this: bc.BarcodeTypesToFind.EAN13 = true
  • PDF support improved;
  • improved 2D barcodes reading;
  • new source code samples added;
  • multithreading support improved;
  • minor bug-fixes and improvements.
Evaluation version BarCode Reader SDK 8.00.1172 download:

What's new in BarCode Reader 8.00.1172 freeware:

  • read barcode from images, TIFF and PDF with this freeware application;
  • new barcode types supported: GTIN-8, GTIN-12, ITF-14, Code 93, MSI, GTIN-14;
  • improved support for barcode reading from noisy images (lot of images works without need to enable noise removal);
  • PDF support improved;
  • improved 2D barcodes reading;
  • minor bug-fixes and improvements.
More info and BarCode Reader freeware download link at:

Thursday, May 15, 2014

7 Best Sources to Learn Programming Online (part 2)

read the first part here

    1. Khan Academy

Established on the pattern of Coursera and Udacity, Khan Academy offers variety of courses to the students worldwide. Khan academy is providing all the courses free cost to its students. Khan Academy is considered one of the oldest online learning resources.
Khan academy also have separate category for computer programming where students can learn computer science concepts and programming languages adequately and free of cost. Following is the link for khan academy’s programming resources.
  1. MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware is free online training resource containing hundreds of courses. These online courses are offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; one of the most prestigious institutions around the globe. Online courses of almost all the courses offered by MIT in class rooms are available at MIT Open Courseware. The computer science and electrical engineering category contains courses related to programming. Here is the link for that
  1. Codeschool

Codeschool is another awesome resource for learning particularly for the programmers and web developers. It contains several video tutorials, code snippets and screenshots which are extremely helpful in practical learning of any programming language. Here is the link for these resources
  1. Stanford Engineering

The last but not the least online programming learning resource in our list is Stanford Engineering. Like other engineering resources aforementioned, Stanford engineering also offers online engineering courses including electrical engineering and computer science. Stanford Engineering online courses can be checked out at the link

All of these resources are extremely beneficial and helpful in learning programming and grasping some of the most advanced computer science concepts. The best thing about these courses is that, all of them are free of cost.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

7 Best Sources to Learn Programming Online

In the past, whenever someone wanted to learn something new he had only two options; either to buy a book or to visit some training institution. If we look at the current learning and knowledge sharing techniques we find that internet and World Wide Web has revolutionized this area as well. Now if you want to learn or want to get information something you go to some search engine and type what you learn. You will get thousands of references to learning material. In this article we have compiled a list of online resources which are helpful in learning programming languages and concepts. All of these sources are free and are considered best in the business.
  1. Coursera

The first in our list is Coursera. Coursera is an online training community that in collaboration with several universities offer online courser to the students around the globe. Coursera offers courses in multiple languages and in all most all the categories. Good thing is that you don’t have to pay hefty amounts in terms of tuition fees and you can learn at the ease of your home. You can manage time according to your schedule.  
Courser also offers several courses in the field of computer science and programming. The details of courses related to programming and computer science can be checked out at the link.
  1. Udacity

Udacity is another free online learning resources providing online courses to the students located in geographically diverse locations. Udacity also have liaison with several universities that offer online courses to the students absolutely free. Udacity have several categories of courses encompassing all engineering domains, computer science, medicine, arts, law and literature.
Udacity offers several computer science and programming related courses as well and details of these courses can be found at the following link. Just go to the link and choose computer science in the drop down list of browse courses in.
  1. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is a learning resource purely for programmers unlike Udacity and Coursera which were multipurpose. At Codeacademy you have options to learn variety of web development languages such as html and css, client side scripting languages like JavaScript, user interface design concepts and much more. Check out the courses offered by code academy at the following link

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

PDF/A Format and its difference from PDF Format (part 2)

read the first part here

 Difference between PDF/A and PDF

Following table contains the difference between the PDF/A and PDF document format.

Storage Duration
Long Term Storage
Short Term Storage
Graphics and Fonts

Embedded within the PDF/A file
No Need to embed within the document.
Executable Content
Doesn’t allow video, audio and other executable content.
Can embed executable content within the document.
External References(Links)
Doesn’t allow external links and references in the document.
Allows external links and references.
Doesn’t allow encryption in the documents
Allows encryption in the documents.
File Size
Larger file size due to embedded information
Smaller file size due to external referencing.

Downside of PDF/A
A drawback of PDF/A file format as mentioned in the table  is that the file size of this document is larger since it doesn’t contain any external referencing and everything has to be embedded within a file so that after longer period of time the information in the file can be correctly retrieved as was once embedded. 

Thursday, May 01, 2014

PDF/A Format and its difference from PDF Format (part 1)

PDF/A (Archival)

PDF/A (Archival Portable Document Format) or commonly referred as the archival PDF is a type of standard PDF, which is used to store information for a longer period of time as compared to the traditional PDF. PDF/A is an ISO standardized variation of PDF and is widely used to preserve electronic documents and files, digitally for longer periods of time.

History and Purpose

The traditional PDF document format relies on lots of external information when a document is created. This external information can fonts used from external font libraries, third party encryption algorithms or some external color scheme. A drawback of this external information usage is that standards often change in the long run and it is not possible to retrieve the same information from the document as it was encoded. Long term data storage is not feasible with the traditional PDF encoding. PDF documents are the mostly widely used documents.
PDF/A was the joint venture among three organizations, Publishing and Converting Technologies, The Association for Suppliers of Printing and Association for Information and Image Management. These organization collaborated together to develop such a PDF version which could avoid the use of external information in document creation and hence the resultant document can be stored for longer periods of time.


  •      Legal documents need to be stored for longer period of time for the sake of keeping record, PDF/A is most suited to this sector.
  •      PDF/A is also suitable to digital libraries where books needs to be stored for longer periods of time.
  • Newspaper and print media makes wide use of PDF/A document format for newspaper archiving.

Converting PDF to text and extracting images from PDF are very common task for developers and that can be solved with Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK.